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Looking forward to 2018: Electrical New Year’s Resolutions 1/2

Save money and energy with your electrical appliances and lighting

As we enter the New Year, many of us will be counting the pennies spent at Christmas and hoping to have a more frugal start to 2018! Looking for ways to save electricity at home has the double benefit of helping the environment as well as our bank balances – so it is a good idea to make this one of your priority New Year’s resolutions.

One of the areas where we have the potential to save money is with our electrical appliances and the lighting that we all use on a daily basis at home. Many of us have invested in new white goods for the Christmas festivities or received other appliances or devices as Christmas presents.

Here are some tips for saving money and energy as we move into 2018:


As we increasingly use an ever-widening range of different appliances around the home, it is inevitable that some get left on standby. Regularly leaving items on standby may not seem like a big deal but can really add-up over a year. Ensure that appliances are switched off at the plug to be as energy efficient as possible.

Energy efficient appliances

When it comes to replacing appliances around the home, always ensure that you look for the most energy efficient models which are available. Look for an A+ or anything up to an A+++ and the cost savings could soon mount up.

The Energy Saving Trust has advice on its web site about how to pick the most energy efficient appliances

Washing and tumble drying

Washing machines and tumble dryers are usually amongst the most energy-hungry appliances that we use at home. Make sure your washing machine is full before you use it and always wash at the lowest possible temperature. For general washing there is usually no discernible difference between items washed at 30 degrees vs 40 degrees. If at all possible, avoid using your tumble dryer by drying outside but if you don’t have this option, ensure that you use the most energy efficient programme.

Your freezer

Your freezer is most efficient when it is full as the food acts as internal insulation. If you don’t have it packed with frozen items, then you can bulk it out with crumpled newspaper, to increase insulation and ultimately save energy and money.


If you are not using energy saving lighting then you should consider replacing your lightbulbs at home. The Consumer Association Which has estimated that swapping all of the bulbs from non energy efficient to energy efficient varieties in a standard sized home could save £189 per year. And don’t forget to always switch your lights off when you don’t need them.

Have a look at our previous blog on LED lighting for further advice.

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