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As an expert local Bristol electrician, GW Electrical are available to help with all of your electrical requirements. Despite the fact that electrical problems can be extremely dangerous, people are sometimes still unsure about when they need the help of an electrician. In this blog we take a look at the scenarios where you should definitely call in a professional!

Evidence of burning, smoke or heat

Evidence of smoking or a smell of burning around sockets or electrical appliances, are urgent problems that need to be dealt with immediately. If possible you should safely shut off your circuit breaker and if there is any fire you should leave the premises and call the emergency services straight away. The next step should be an immediate call to a qualified electrician to diagnose and sort out the problem.

Damaged wires

Wires can become damaged for a variety of reasons or as a result of wear and tear. Exposed wiring can cause electric shocks, so should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Don’t attempt to fix them yourself – let your electrician do this safely and efficiently for you.

Your local Bristol electrician

Tripping circuit breaker

It is actually good if a circuit breaker trips, because this means it is doing its job – If this is happening regularly, though, it could indicate a problem with your wiring so it makes sense to get this checked out. If you live in an older home and your electricity hasn’t been checked recently it could mean that it can’t keep up with modern demands and requires an upgrade.

Complete loss of power

Most of us have experienced a loss of power from time to time, and this usually affects a group of houses or buildings and is caused by a power cut. If you experience a loss of power for any other reason, or just your home is affected – this could indicate more serious problems.

Water problems

Wires in water have the potential to be highly dangerous, so if you experience a flood or a major leak which results in any wiring being submerged or wet – then you need an electrician to isolate and fix the problem for you.

Flickering or dimming lights

A flickering light is often caused by problems with a light bulb which can be easily fixed by replacing it – which is clearly something that you can carefully do yourself. However, if the problem persists or if a number of different lights are affected then this could indicate poor wiring connections. This is a problem that needs to be investigated by a professional electrician.

Expensive electricity bills

In this day and age we are all conscious of the need to take environmental factors into account so we tend to be more conscious of turning lights and appliances off and monitoring our electrical usage. If you feel that your electricity bills are higher than they should be then it makes sense to get your system checked to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Any electrical problem that makes you feel worried or anxious

If you have a problem with your electrics that is causing you concern – then get it checked out. It isn’t worth sleepless nights and most electrical issues can be fixed quickly and easily.

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As an experienced and registered electrician in Bristol, GW Electrical are available to help with all of your local electrical emergencies.  Call us on 01275 331742 or 07970 885647 for help and advice.