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GW Electrical Invest in Latest Fibre Optic Slicing Technology

Sumitomo T-72C Fibre Cable SplicerGW Electrical have recently invested in a Sumitomo T-72C Fusion Splicer. This clever piece of technology is used to cleanly splice together lengths of fibre optic cabling. The Sumitomo T-72C Fusion is the latest in quality equipment within the fibre industry. Having this piece of equipment will allow GW Electrical to provide fibre optic splicing and testing to our clients in the data industry.

GW Electrical are already well established as structured cabling installation contractors in Bristol and across the UK. As such we already work on data cabling for office blocks, data centres, small businesses and other organisations. Having the latest equipment for testing and splicing fibre cables extends our capabilities in this area.


What does a fibre optic fusion splicer do?

On most installation jobs fibre optic cables, or any other type of cables, are generally cut to the exact length needed. It is usually when those cables need altering, or have become damaged, that there is a need to start joining, or splicing, cables together. Joining two lengths of fibre cabling together is particularly tricky.

Fibre optic cables work by sending information in the form of light. If joins in fibre optic cabling are not done correctly it can create sharp edges that the light can bounce off. This disrupts the flow of light and slows down the flow of data through your cables. In installations where fast data speeds are needed this can have significant knock on effects to the speed and reliability of your network and applications.

To ensure a proper join the fusion splicer heats the two ends of fibre cabling that need joining and effectively melts them together. Modern fusion splicer’s like the Sumitomo T-72C do much of the work for you. They will automatically line up the two ends of the cable to ensure they exactly match and they will test the join to make sure it is as smooth as it should be. The Sumitomo T-72C is wifi enabled and can be controlled from a smartphone app, giving greater control and flexibility.


To find out more about the data cabling and structured cabling services that GW Electrical provide please give us a call on 01275 331742 or email info@gwelectricalservicessw.co.uk.