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What is Part ‘P’ of The Building Regulations?

Electricians often say that they carry out work to be compliant with ‘Part P’ of the ‘Building Regulations’ but what does this actually mean? And as a consumer, is this something that you should consider to be an important factor when you are looking for an electrician to carry out work on your home?

What are the Building Regulations?

The Building Regulations, of which ‘Part P’ are a part, set out the legal requirements for building works carried out on all ‘dwellings’ i.e. domestic buildings, in England and Wales. Part P is the section which relates to fixed electrical installations and was introduced into the regulations in 2005.

The purpose of the Part P regulations is to ensure that all domestic electrical work carried out in England and Wales has been properly designed and expertly installed to avoid the risks of danger from electric shock or fire.

The regulations are applicable to any new house or home that is being built as well as any upgrades, installations or repairs that are carried out on existing property.  The rules are legally enforceable so any homeowner or landlord is legally responsible for checking that the regulations are followed.

In short – ensuring that electrical works to your property are Part P compliant will help to keep you and your family safe, as well as ensure that you fulfil your legal requirements.

How do I make sure that my electrical works are Part P compliant?

The best way to ensure that your electrical work complies with Part P is to engage an appropriately qualified and accredited electrician.

There are a number of registration bodies for electricians in England and Wales – each of which holds a database of suitably qualified electricians.

commercial electrician

At GW Electrical we are registered with NAPIT, which is the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Certifiers. Registered NAPIT members have been assessed to ensure that they will complete work safely and to the required legal requirements and they are regularly assessed to ensure ongoing compliance.

Notifiable works

Under the Part P Scheme, there are some works which need to be notified to the Building Control department in your local council, which will issue you with a Building Regulations Compliance certificate. This includes such work as rewires or installations in new builds. If you use a registered electrician for your work – they will be able to advise whether you need to do this for your work and manage the process on your behalf.

For more information on Part P – take a look at the Electrical Safety First web site.

Or you can access the Part P documentation on the UK government web site.

If you are looking for a fully registered electrician who carries out all domestic work to be compliant with Part P, you can rely on GW Electrical Services for your domestic electrical requirements.