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When does a house need rewiring?

Electrical wiring does not last forever. As safety standards move on, and we use more power, houses can need rewiring to cope. There are several events where a house might need rewiring:

Fires and floods – if your house has been flooded, or you have had a fire, it is likely your wiring will have been damaged and some, or all, of it will need to be replaced.

Refurbishments, extensions and conversions – adding a loft conversion, kitchen extension or other additions to your home can put extra strain on the wiring meaning and a full or partial rewire may be needed.

Buying an old house – it is recommended that home electrics get checked for safety every 10 years. If you are buying a house that is more than 25 years old you should get it checked to see if it needs rewiring.


Checking if you house needs rewiring

electrical rewiring and testingRewiring a house is a big investment of time and money. Often it will involve digging into walls and ceilings to access wiring which can mean quite a bit of disruption. It is therefore sensible to have a professional electrician in to check the state of your wiring before committing to have it redone. When buying an old house it is increasingly common to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) done as part of the sale.  This will give you a good idea of whether the house needs rewiring. If you have not had an EICR done recently then most qualified electricians will be able to do an inspection and report for you. This is a service that we offer to home owners in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Electrical wiring can deteriorate over time as the insulation becomes brittle, switches get worn and general wear and tear takes its toll. Wiring done 50 years ago will generally not have been designed for a house running multiple computers, dishwashers, washing machines, TVs and entertainment systems. If you start to notice problems with the electrics in your home then you should get them checked by a qualified electrician as soon as possible.


Can anyone rewire a house?

Rewiring is a job that some people will attempt themselves. If you are a complete novice then this is a big job to take on and one with serious safety implications. Bad wiring regularly causes house fires in the UK and getting an electric shock from a faulty switch is not to be laughed at. Trying to rewire a house yourself can also be a fair amount of hassle. If your bathroom and kitchen areas are included in the rewiring you are likely to fall foul of the Part P regulations. This will mean that you have to get any wiring work you do inspected and passed by building regulations which takes time and will normally cost a few hundred pounds. One of the advantages of using a qualified electrician to do your house rewiring is that they should be able to handle this for you.


GW Electrical Services provide house rewiring, electrical installation, inspection and testing services in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We are fully qualified and have over 30 years experience in the industry. To find out more about our house rewiring service, or to get a quote, give us a call on 01275 331742