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Specialist Car Showroom Electrical Installs

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What’s special about car showroom electrical installs?

We have done a lot of wiring projects for car showrooms all over the UK. Many car showrooms prefer to hire a company like GW Electrical who have experience in their industry to make sure they get the best possible job.

Car showrooms need to look slick and well designed. This means plenty of flexible lighting and the ability to have spotlights, feature lights and uplighters to show off the cars at their best. Many car showrooms will have modular lighting systems which can be moved around as different cars need to be featured. As well as the lighting inside the showroom there is usually a need for lighting outside to look equally professional.

Car showrooms are not just about lighting though. Power will needed to be supplied for workshops and service areas but there is also an increasing need for structured cabling in car showrooms. This covers the installation of network cabling, cabling for VOIP phones and cabling for wireless hubs and repeaters. All of this cabling needs to be hidden and to have the capacity to handle all of the phone calls and emails that your sales people can take.

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Electrical Installs for New Car Showrooms

If you are having a new car showroom built we can make sure that your electrical systems are up to scratch. We will ensure that you have enough power for your current lighting setup and flexibility to add more when you need it.

As well as ensuring your showroom is properly illuminated we can install the power and network cabling for your workshops, office space and reception areas.

We will make sure that your showroom has all the cabling it needs to work smoothly and look it’s best.

Electrical Rewiring for Car Showrooms

If you are revamping your showroom, or if your electrical systems are simply getting out of date, we can do a full rewire for you.

As well as ensuring that you have enough power for your showroom lighting we can bring your offices and workstations up to date. Alongside your electrical cabling we can install cable for your computer network, VOIP phones and wireless hubs so that your sales people are constantly connected.

We can make sure your showroom is future proofed with the cabling you need.

All installations carried out by qualified electricians

We have done lots of car showrooms all over the UK

High quality work that will impress your customers and give you the power you need