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1st & 2nd Fix Electrics for New Builds

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Why choose GW Electrical Services?

GW Electrical Services have been working in the electrical industry around Bristol and the South West for over 35 years. We are registered NAPIT (National Association Of Professional Inspectors and Testers) contractors and have 8 years’ experience as Electrical Installation Assessors for Apprentices.

We can self-certify our electrical work under the Part P regulations meaning you don’t need to pay for an expensive visit from building control. It will also give you the assurance that the work we are doing is being carried out to the highest standards. Wiring in new build homes should last for many years, and with the quality of our work you know it will.

We undertake first and second fix electrical installations for individuals who are building their own homes and as a subcontractor for companies working on new build projects.

We are based in Bristol but regularly work all over the South West. We also travel to other parts of the UK to carry out structured cabling installations for businesses and for smart homes. We have the equipment to cut and splice fibre optics cabling on site, allowing us to install the fastest and most modern home networking solutions to future proof your home.

First Fix Electrics

If you haven’t already got one we can draw up a house wiring plan for you. This will ensure that your cabling is in the correct places before plastering and other finishes go in.

Once the layout is agreed we install the cabling and boxes that will house switches and sockets.

We do a lot of structured cabling installation so if you are planning a smart home we can get your network cabling installed at the same time as your power cabling. This can include fibre optic cabling.

Second Fix Electrics

Once all of the plastering and flooring is in we can do the 2nd fix. This will include installing light switches, sockets and the fittings for lights themselves.

It is normally at this point that all of the testing and certification will be done for you Part P certification. It will also normally be at this point that we get the consumer unit installed.

If we are installing light fittings and smart home systems these will often be done as a third fix when all painting and decorating is done.

Experienced NAPIT registered electrical contractors

We can self-certify work under Part P regulations

We do smart home wiring as well as standard wiring

Based in Bristol and covering Somerset and the South West