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Homebuyers’ Electrical Reports

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What type of survey to get

When buying a new home you can choose from a range of different surveys and reports including RICS Homebuyers Reports, Mortgage Valuation Surveys and full Building Surveys. Depending on which report you go for you can pay anywhere between £200 and £1000 or more. None of these reports will normally be carried out by a qualified electrician. In most cases these reports and surveys won’t test the wiring or look at it in any detail. The cheaper reports will normally only include a visual inspection of the electrics and a basic test to see if light switches plug sockets work. Even the most expensive reports, the full structural surveys, will not normally include any detailed testing of the electrical systems.

It is recommended that homeowners should have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) done every 10 years. If the home you are looking to buy has not had one done recently, is older than 25 years, or has had any extension or conversion work done then an EICR report should be done. An EICR report will be done by a qualified electrician who will inspect and test the wiring to identify faults and areas that need upgrading. Having an EICR report done is the best way to know if the electrics in the home you want to buy are safe.

Why do electrics need to be checked?

Electrical wiring will degrade over time, insulation can become damage and faults can develop. This can lead to your home wiring becoming unsafe with the risk of electrocution or fire. Over the years electrical safety standards have changed with fuse boards being phased out and replaced by consumer units. At the same time we are using more power than ever in our homes as we charge phones and laptops and run washing machines, TVs and lighting. It is therefore sensible to get the electrics checked on any new home to make sure they are safe, that they meet the current standards and that they can cope with the load you want to put on them.

Who can do an electrical survey

Standard homebuyers reports and valuation reports will not be done by a qualified electrician. This is why they will not normally test the electrics. Full electrical surveys like the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) are carried out by qualified electricians who are up to date on the latest safety standards and regulations. GW Electrical provide EICR reports for homebuyers in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Standard homebuyers reports won’t tell you if the electrics are safe

Get the electrics in your new home checked by a professional

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