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On-call Electrician in Bristol

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Why use an on-call electrician?

As an on-call electrician we generally work with businesses and landlords who need to call out an electrician regularly but don’t want to have to employ someone full-time. Rather than having to ring around lots of electricians when they need something done they can come straight to us. By using the same on-call electrician regularly they know they are going to get a good quality of work and it makes billing and payments less hassle.

For larger on-call clients, and especially for landlords, we can schedule regular rounds of electrical safety checks and maintenance which will lower the number of emergency call outs. We are also available to do installations of new electrical appliances and fittings when needed for our on-call clients.

Having an electrician who knows your business can make finding electrical faults, and fixing them, much quicker. This is a big advantage for businesses who rely heavily on electrical equipment, especially in the catering and hospitality trade where simple electrical faults can cause major disruption.

GW Electrical Services offer an on-call service in the Bristol area, catering for all kinds of businesses and organisations.

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Residential On-Call Electricians

GW Electrical Services provide an on-call electrician service for landlords and homeowners in the Bristol area.

For homeowners we can provide emergency repairs as well as electrical installation and maintenance. We provide the same services for landlords but can also provide regular inspections and checks to ensure that all electrical systems in your properties are safe.

We are also able to provide on-call electrician services for property maintenance and residential care home companies in Bristol.

Commercial On-Call Electricians

GW Electrical Services provide an on-call electrician service for businesses in the Bristol area.

As your on-call electrician we can respond to emergencies and complete urgent electrical repairs. We can also carry out new installations and regular electrical maintenance work.

Whether you have a hotel, shops, bars or offices having an electrician you know you, or your employees, can call offers extra peace of mind. We can make sure your electrical equipment and lighting is safe and working.

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On-call electrical services for landlords, businesses and homeowners

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