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Professional PAT Testing in Bristol

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What is PAT Testing?

There are a lot of myths about Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing). Unfortunately a lot of these myths have been put abut by electrical contractors trying to hard sell PAT testing to businesses and organisations.

Business owners do have a duty to ensure that electrical appliances are safe to use but they do not have to do PAT testing every year and they do not have to have PAT testing labels stuck on appliances.

Portable Appliance Testing usually involves checking the safety of any equipment which is plugged in. In a typical office this would include computers, printers, shredders and the office kettle and fridge. The PAT test will start with a visual inspection to make sure there are no exposed wires and that no covers are broken. Some basic tests will then be done on the equipment to make sure that it is working as it should. Labels can be stuck onto equipment as a reminder of when testing was last done but this is not legally required. Similarly it can be useful to have a list of what equipment has been tested.

The Health and Safety executive recommend that PAT testing is done on a risk based model. So heavily used equipment should be tested more regularly while rarely used equipment can be tested less frequently.

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PAT Testing for Businesses

Business owners have a duty to ensure that any electical appliances they provide are safe to use. Most businesses do this through a regular cycle of Portable Appliance Testing (commonly known as PAT Testing).

Most businesses do PAT testing once a year and we can provide all of the necessary PAT testing labels and paperwork to show that your PAT testing has been done to the appropriate standard.

GW Electical do PAT testing for business in Bristol, Somerset and the surrounding areas.

PAT Testing for Landlords

Many landlords choose to do PAT testing as part of their regular regime of safety and maintenance checks. We often do PAT testing alongside Electrical Installation Conditon Reports at the end of tenancies.

While landlords do not always have to do PAT testing it is a sensible precaution to take if you are supplying a property with electrical appliances installed.

GW Electical do PAT testing for business in Bristol, Somerset and the surrounding areas.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) carried out by qualified local electricians around Bristol

Through testing with appropriate labels and paperwork provided

PAT testing conducted for businesses, landlords and public sector organisations