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Professional Structured Cabling

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Design and Installation

Having the fastest data cables in the world won’t help if your network has been poorly designed and installed.

We will design your network cabling to maximise speed and reliability. We will install it to be easy to maintain and hide the wiring wherever possible. Rather than having a rats nest of cables under a desk, and routers and hubs scattered at random around the building as we find in many legacy networks. You will have a sensible network that can easily grow with your business.

All The Data You Can Handle

Having the right data cabling is essential to making sure your office network works efficiently, and that you have capacity to grow.

Your structured cabling installation can include standard network cabling such as Cat5 and Cat 6 as well as fibre optic cabling. We have specialist tools to allow us to splice and test fibre cables on site.

If you are using VOIP phone systems, video conferencing, or are handling large amounts of data, we can ensure your data cabling is fast enough to cope.

Our structured cabling installation service

We are based near Bristol but handle structured cabling installations all over the UK. As well as doing the actual installation work we can design structured cabling systems and provide a maintenance and testing service. Some of the types of cabling we work with are:

Cat5 and Cat 5e & Cat 6 cabling for standard office networks.

Fibre Optic cabling – both single and multi-mode. To increase the speed of your communications.

We can cut, splice and test fibre optic cables on site.

Server room and communications room cabling.

Audio visual solutions – to manage your in office requirements for CCTV, voice conferencing, smart screen technology etc.

Telephone systems including VOIP phone systems.

Data centres – providing frontline and second line support.